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shades for bad bitches


This collection is about owning that you deserve the most and doing whatever it takes to give it too yourself. 

Bask in your light

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Shady Bitch Eyewear is a home for anyone living the life they choose and unapologetic as fuck about it. Our brand is about living out loud and in color. Taking charge, having fun, reclaiming what makes you you, and holding on to that.

Though our branding is feminine all genders are welcome, supported, represented, and engaged. Shady Bitch is less of an accessory and more a way of life. That way of life is promoted through you guys our Shade Gang, our Shade Slayers, and our content that continuously pushes empowerment.


Shady Bitch came about of her love for statement eyewear and want to make everyone feel luxurious without breaking the bank. by providing them with eyewear rarely seen, of surprising quality. The products will always be fresh, our presence strong af, jaw-dropping branding, trendsetting collections, and limited merchandise drops.

Most physical and online sunglass stores provide basic shapes, traditional styles, varying low quality, reposted customer photos for online content, and a severe lack of authentic personal approach. Currently, there is no sunglass store providing the Shady Bitch level sunglass experience. Each style is curated due to its unique style, odd shape, interesting colors, and personality. Shady Bitch is a sunglass boutique but it is also something so much more.

Join our Shade Gang. 


Your love, support, purchases, shares, encouragement, likes, followers, and referrals means so much. The mission is to always leave you feel confident and luxurious. We are serious about your satisfaction, and will do all it takes to provide you with the best products, customer service, and purchasing experience. 


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